Gift Certificates

We sell gift certificates through our MassageBook online store and scheduler.  Gift certificates can be printed or emailed directly to the recipient instantly.

Please note: When scheduling online, MassageBook will not recognize the numbers of gift certificates purchased before April 2018 (due to a change in booking software programs).  You may still schedule online, but do not choose Gift Certificate as payment.  Instead include a note that you will be redeeming a gift certificate.  

We increased our prices by $10 per service on September 1, 2019.  If you have a service gift certificate purchased before that date, we will honor it for the intended service.  Because we require prepayment for first-time clients, you may have to call or email to schedule your first appointment.


To inquire about the validity of your gift certificate, please email with the gift certificate number.

7307 Baltimore Avenue,

Suite 111,

College Park, MD 20740