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Trager® work is a gentle, profound, hands-on approach to wellness. The practitioner uses wave-like movements and rocking to enhance the client's fluidity and comfortable range of movement, lulling the body/mind into deep relaxation.


What to expect during a session:

The client remains clothed during the session and should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing appropriate for stretching. No oils or lotions are used.


As with a massage you will relax on the table and remain passive as the practitioner works with your body, head to toe, front and back; lengthening and lifting the limbs, giving them a sense of weightlessness; gently rocking them, releasing tension in the joints; pleasantly wobbling the tissues, releasing more held tension. At times the practitioner will be propping themselves on the table to leverage a limb; maybe straddling the table above your head to better work on your shoulders and neck.

The effects of the session are to give you a sense of freer, greater relaxation in your movement; increasing your sensory awareness, letting you recall what it’s like in your “kid” body again.

Sessions may include movement coaching to give the client suggestions of ways for you to play with and explore movement for self-care and health awareness.

For more information about the Trager modality:

Trager sessions can be scheduled with Dennis Nielsen, LMT who is certified in the Trager Approach.

90 minutes  $135

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